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  • One day seven years ago I found myself saying to myself– I can’t live where I want to... I can’t go where I want to go... I can’t do what I want to... I can’t even say what I want to... I decided I was a very stupid fool not to at least paint as I wanted to ~ Georgia O’Keeffe, 1923

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Oh. Oh this post. This poem...

You've made me smile wistfully and think of my own first car. It was an ugly old piece of junk that I loved with all my sixteen year old heart. I named him Ralph and filled him up with laughter and friends, pizza and Ding Dongs. Oh, boy did my Chevette and I have fun!


i love these images with the
swirling rainbow of joyful

....i adore road trips ~
and i really need to plan one

perhaps in the fall with my cozy
sweaters and thermos of cinnamon


Hi honey!! So glad you have found your way back here again...

You have been missed...

Deirdra Doan

Hi Joan,
We will be in PA in
calendar...are you far from Bucks county?


oh, yes, very beautiful, words and photos both. It reminds me of a short story I read once, about a woman driving toward the sunset in a dented, rusted orange VW bug. Old car, new horizons. And perhaps a new old car, or even a brand new car, somewhere down the road.

joy in the journey,

susan greene

I love these pictures. I am anxiously waiting for more stories!!!!


What I wouldn't give for a car that would drive me up to your door right this moment, so that I could give you a hug filled with all the love and warmth I feel when I'm here on your blog...




Oh, let us do a road trip together, ok? You and me and one vehicle. Just throw a dart at a map and we will go there.

I think my vehicle is wandering slowly and aimlessly down a lot of side roads these days...but the quiet roads are always the most interesting,aren't they?

If you got into your vehicle, and I got into mine, and we traveled toward each other, where do you think our hearts would collide?

Love you..miss you.

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