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  • One day seven years ago I found myself saying to myself– I can’t live where I want to... I can’t go where I want to go... I can’t do what I want to... I can’t even say what I want to... I decided I was a very stupid fool not to at least paint as I wanted to ~ Georgia O’Keeffe, 1923

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Joan, I have been missing me here at your place and over at mine as well. I am hoping all is well with you and yours. I hope you are just taking a break and will return to us soon, refreshed and full of words. Happy New Year.

my pocket

Hello beautiful! We are in sync indeed as I was planning to pop in at your place today and waking up to your sweet words. I did have a lovely holiday, thank you, I hope you did too. SUn is shining today and I'm sending you some sunshine and a smile. Love you! xx


Your red is so perfectly you. Vibrant, happy, playful. You. I especially love your pig tales. It makes me want to give them a gentle, affectionate tug. Be well, dear friend. I hope your holidays have been so marvelous that you haven't had time to blog. I hope you have quiet moments in the coming days because I love your thoughtful words. Happy new year!

Deirdra Doan

Merry Christmas Joan....sweet colorful dec views...

Robin Laws

joan i love that you chose to do december views with vibrant apropros of you, the artist, the painter, the full of life and passion girl. you seem to have fallen away from us dear...knock, knock are you home? please give us a view of you recent december joan...


your pictures are SO artistic! write a book! Shades of the earth ... do it today :) Or just keep blogging ... it makes me smile! - Merry holidays to you! - Linz

my pocket

I love you too :) Am thinking about you and sending you a hug today, right now. I hope you are having a lovely december my sweet friend. Hug! xx


So nice, what a lovely blog you have. I have a tender spot for Raggedy Ann..


Sweet peas are my favorite!
and daisies...
and pigtails...
oh! and YOU! my ultimate
favorite! like a big red lollipop!
Yummie you! xx

Rachel Weston

You are too cute in those pigtails!


Oh, I love Simply Red! This is a great song; I love how you backdrop your lovely images with music!


You do red so well, my dear friend. These are lovely..especially that sweet little heart. And this is what you show us a piece of your beautiful heart every time you write or paint or take a picture and share it with us. Although, I think that heart is a little too small compared to the one beating within you, bursting with love and all things beautiful inside your shining soul.
Love you so much xoxo

deirdra Doan

Your photo's for Dec. are a cute your little pig tail and sweet son.
Christmas Blessings....


Lovely photos!


I love your color-themed December Views! And they just get better and better. Sam is so adorable!


oh my! he has grown a lot!
love those piggytails!


How sweet! Look at your little boy...he looks just like cute...:)Raggedy Anne makes me feel so nostalgic. She was my favorite doll when I was a child...

Much love...

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