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  • One day seven years ago I found myself saying to myself– I can’t live where I want to... I can’t go where I want to go... I can’t do what I want to... I can’t even say what I want to... I decided I was a very stupid fool not to at least paint as I wanted to ~ Georgia O’Keeffe, 1923

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I can just see
the paint colors in that palette. You know?


I keep being surprised all over again with how beautiful black and white photos can be. And yours are. Thank you.


These are beautiful. I especially love the one of the paintbrushes. It makes me wonder what wondrous and creative things you are up to, and gives my imagination room to make up my own colors on your palette. =)

Deb Taylor

these black and whites are so colorful, ya know what I mean? Stunning!


such wonderful textures ... dreamy, xoxo


Hi Joan! Thank you from my heart for your kind words about our blog. It's so wonderful when other people can understand my writing and appreciate the goodness in the world along with me. I love these photos! Black and white is always my favorite because of the simple beauty it spills so easily. I told my mom about your fab blog since she loves good photos! -xo and peace - L


Ooops! I didn't think my first comment posted...:)


Oh Joan, these are beautiful! I love all the textures and shadows...

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

Much love,


Oh Joan, these are beautiful! I love all the shadows and textures...

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.



Hi beautiful internet access has been limited...long I am just catching up with you and your lovely pictures now. It looks as though you have been doing some painting???
I am so loving your shades of yellow too!

Miss you...will email you when my regular internet and computer are up and running again!

love love love

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